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Testimonials for Upton Grange

” I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Upton Grange for their care and kindness offered to my uncle during his short stay with them. I am only sorry that his needs for nursing care changed so quickly and an alternative home had to be found. The staff even found the time to visit him whilst he was in hospital. I would recommend Upton Grange to anyone looking for a residential home for their loved ones. Thank you to the manager and all the team for their help and support received by the family.”

Submitted by Lynn B (Relative of Resident/Service User) Review relates to March 2017

“Friendly and helpful staff, very pleasant surroundings and efficiently run.”

Submitted by Linda F (Friend of Resident/Service User) Review relates to December 2016

“Dad has been here just over 2 months and has felt very welcome and every need has been attended to. Staff are very caring and friendly and efficient. He is vegetarian and the chef has provided tasty and imaginative meals for him. He is soon moving to a larger, just-refurbished room which the manager offered him straight away, which is wonderful for his many books and interests. There are regular activities and visitors to enjoy and he can go out whenever he chooses. The home has also managed all routine GP tests and appointments which is a huge help. All the staff deserve a medal – we are so grateful.”

Submitted by Valerie T (Daughter of Resident/Service User) Review relates to November 2016

“My dad moved to Upton Grange from North Wales, to be closer to me. Upton Grange is so very different to the home he was in previously: the manager and staff are progressive in their approach to care, encouraging individuals to do as much for themselves as possible and supporting them when they need it. The manager is keen to ENABLE people, which is key to great care. The staff communication with me has been excellent. It is absolutely critical that my dad gets his medication exactly on time and I am very reassured that the staff at Upton Grange have never seen this as a problem and recognise how important this is to him and me. He has never mentioned his medication once to me since he has been there, which tells me he is getting it on time.  The staff are patient and kind and very caring. I genuinely feel reassured that my dad is safe at Upton Grange.  The house, rooms and grounds are beautiful. I have no regrets at all about placing him at Upton Grange.”

Submitted by Catherine S (Daughter of Resident/Service User) Review relates to June 2016

“Despite the short time that my mother has been at Upton Grange, both my brother and I are delighted with the place, people and general service found there. It’s a difficult time for all concerned in the family and the staff have been more than helpful. The place itself is lovely, impeccably clean and with a great atmosphere. My mum’s appearance has improved greatly and she is always well turned out and smart. Obviously she’s still in a transition period but we are very positive that this is the place for her and we were lucky to find it!”

Submitted by Carol M (Daughter of Resident/Service User) Review relates to May 2016

“My mother previously lived with me and I was lucky to find Upton Grange who gave occasional respite care when it was needed over the past couple of years. She always settled for her ‘holiday’ there and was very complimentary of the staff . Recently as her care needs increased and a room became available we trialed her moving in permanently.  The staff were very understanding of my needs as I transferred her care to them. She has settled very well and when she came home for Christmas and for the day recently she was happy to return to where she now feels is home.  The staff are always friendly and welcoming, you can visit anytime. The home is very clean and I have been impressed by the way my Mother’s needs have been met in a very personalised way. The food is home cooked on the premises and the dining room and lounges are homely and the gardens delightful.”

Jane P (Daughter of Resident/Service User) on Sunday 24 January 2016. Review relates to January 2016.

“Luck only comes in small doses but it certainly called on my sister and I when we had the unenviable task of choosing “the right place” for our mother to spend her twilight years. She entered Upton Grange on the 26th December 2009 and passed away in September 15th 2015.  During the five and a half years she spent at Upton Grange the care she received was second to none. The atmosphere is one of “home from home”. Her room which overlooked the garden was spacious with en-suite facilities always kept clean and a cheerful place to stay. Homely dining room with excellent chefs- diets catered for, leisure activities provided, hairdresser visiting, with failing health over the last few years they cared for her with compassion. Do not miss an opportunity to view.”

Tricia R (Daughter of Resident/Service User) on Tuesday 13 October 2015. Review relates to October 2015.

My parents are privileged to be at Upton Grange since it is an exceptional home. As soon as you cross the threshold you are taken into a world of gracious living, with beautiful furniture, fresh flowers, and always a warm welcome from the staff. It really is like a 5-star hotel.  My parents are treated with patience, respect and dignity at all times, and their settling-in period was no exception, however difficult the transition from their own home felt to them. Standards are always high, with immaculate levels of cleanliness everywhere, and the food is of the highest standard with lots of home baking and fresh produce. My parents’ general health has therefore improved in the six months since they arrived at Upton.

If we must mention fees, then the value for money at Upton is amazing, since it is the lowest priced in the area. The staff are never too busy to answer queries or offer reassurance, and I have never seen them understaffed or stressed in any way. There is good liaison with the GP’s surgery and they do not hesitate to call the doctor out if they have concerns.”

 Lesley R (Daughter of Resident/Service User) on Wednesday 16 September 2015. Review relates to September 2015.

“Throughout the time that our uncle was a resident at Upton Grange, the care and attention given to him could not have been surpassed. The Manager and staff were both caring and attentive to his every need and request.”
Mr L, Macclesfield

“Our mother was very happy at Upton Grange and had nothing but praise for the staff. The Home shows a friendly atmosphere there at all times. May its wonderful work continue for many years to come for the benefit of all the elderly residents who could not be in a better place.”
Mrs R, Macclesfield

“His years at Upton Grange became a time when he was peaceful and contented. He enjoyed retaining his independence together with the security of knowing that help was on hand should he need it. Because the staff didn’t change, he came to know them well and when he became frail and dependent on them, it was a comfort to be surrounded by the same familiar faces. It is rare these days to find a Home with the qualities Upton Grange has to offer. We really feel you have created a very special place.”
Mrs R, North Wales

For respite care, Upton Grange is a very friendly and homely place but most important of all, I can leave my husband there, knowing I will have no worries about the care and kindness he will receive.”      
Mrs B, Prestbury




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