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Mrs Julie Sulley – Manager Upton Grange

Julie Sulley Upton Grange ManagerJulie Sulley provides a wealth of experience having worked in management roles for 25 years, both at home and in Spain and Canada.  Previously she was as a Home Manager in a very large national care home organisation.  Definitely a people person, she is very passionate about working with the elderly and in supporting them in having a wonderful quality of life – being around to encourage their individuality is what motivates her.

Julie originally came from Coventry and wanted to become a midwife.  However, she married young and went on to have 5 children instead! Now a Grandma she shares her loving, approachable care with both the elderly and the young.  When time permits, she loves being with her grandchildren, walking her dog and is a very keen gardener.  In fact one of her projects at Upton Grange is to establish a Gardening Club so the residents will be able to provide home grown produce for the Home and flowers for the flower-arranging enthusiasts.

“Being a Care Home Manager is very different from what it used to be” says Julie, “now Managers have to be able to provide a combination of good management and people skills whilst being a leader and a team player at the same time.  There is more paperwork these days with government legislation, risk assessments and policies but these safeguards have to be in place” she adds. “More and more elderly people are being encouraged to stay in their own homes after retirement but there comes a time when they need and want to be looked after and we pride ourselves at Upton Grange on providing that special care with a personal interest in each resident.  Upton Grange is the perfect size for a Care Home and I am able to have personal contact with each resident every day.”  Julie always makes time to sit and talk and believes that making time is very important, “The generation we are looking after now has gone through so much and the stories they have to tell about their lives are fascinating.”

Julie enjoys working as part of the caring team and feels fortunate in having wonderful residents and dedicated, caring staff.  Upton Grange is lucky to have her at the helm for many years to come.



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