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Moving into residential care is just like moving into a room at your favourite small hotel with people to look after you and take over the everyday necessities of life whilst giving you the independence and privacy for you to decide how you want to spend your day.
From one of our residents …

“I was on my own for quite a while after my husband died so once I moved to Trepassey, having company again is a real treat; as is the luxury of having my first coffee of the day brought to me in bed. I don’t know whether it is because we are near the estuary but the morning colours here are delightful. I come round slowly these days and one of the carers will help me to get ready for the day. I like to go to the dining room for breakfast when I can chat then I’ll take my newspaper into the lounge (nice and bright on a sunny day) and read for a while. The mornings pass quite quickly what with the hairdresser coming once a week or the Doctor to check up on me, morning coffee with my friends or I just like to sit and watch what everyone else is doing.


Working on a jigsaw is a joint effort among the residents

There are always lovely smells coming from the kitchen so by the time lunch is served I am usually quite peckish. We like to have our main meal of the day at lunchtime. The dining room looks over the garden so is a very pleasant place to eat. I am quite a fussy eater, I’m afraid, but the Chef always manages to prepare something tempting for me. I like a snooze after lunch so I return to my own special room which has always been made nice and tidy for me. My other favourite place at Trepassey is the large terrace which always seems to catch the sun and from where I can look over the estuary – sometimes I can see as far as Liverpool and the North Wales coast. There is usually something going on in the afternoons – a trip into Heswall, a craft class, some musical activity or even a game. Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing anything and that is fine too.

I don’t like to eat much in the evening – probably because I can’t resist the home made cakes which accompany our afternoon tea so I might just have a sandwich or some soup. I love my room so am very happy to go there after our evening meal and listen to my radio or watch a detective programme on TV. I like to hear the news before getting ready for bed. One of the girls will bring me a nice cup of tea and help me get organised. The girls always seem to be there when I want them and I do enjoy having a laugh with them when I get a bit muddled with what should come off and what needs to go on! Warm and cosy, I doze off and on and know that someone looks in on me throughout the night so if needs be there is always a carer nearby. Coming to Trepassey was such a good move.”

Mrs D Butler



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