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Angela Drew, Manager Sandiway Manor

The residents of Sandiway Manor couldn’t be cared for by a better person than Angela who knows the Manor like the back of her hand and has probably been there longer than most of those living there.  Originally from nearby Winsford, she first started caring at the Manor when she was 22 years old, working the night shift when her son was small.  After a time working in Care in the Community, learning to care for young people and the elderly, Angela returned to Sandiway Manor and worked her way up, studying for exams and building up her knowledge of the care industry with her hands-on people skills.  She possesses a wealth of experience and loves the people she cares for.  The Trust was delighted when she accepted the position as Manager.

When not keeping an eye on things at the Manor, Angela likes gardening and taking long walks with her dog.  She also enjoys short breaks and holidays with her husband Michael in their touring caravan.

Angela is passionate about the well being of the residents of Sandiway Manor. She listens, she understands and she cares.  She has always loved being around the elderly and supporting them both when times are good and not so.  She has a very comforting nature so residents are lucky to have somebody like her on their side, managing their care as well as she does.

“All the staff and I at Sandiway Manor pride ourselves on the quality of life we offer and we do everything we can to improve and maintain the happiness and well being of our residents” she said, “I think it is the most important and rewarding job there is”.




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