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Daily Life at Sandiway Manor

Moving into residential care is just like moving into a room at your favourite small hotel with people to look after you and take over the everyday necessities of life whilst giving you the independence and privacy for you to decide how you want to spend your day.

This is what one of our gentlemen residents has to say …

“Sandiway Manor is a very elegant house built partly of Cheshire sandstone and I loved it as soon as I saw it for the first time. The entrance hallway is very welcoming and what struck me was the frequent sound of laughter. My room is spacious and I have my own bathroom but what I really like is having my own old armchair and bits and bobs around me. I have rather a lot of photographs in frames too – my life story in pictures! I am still independent and like to do as much as I can for myself while I can but I know that if I am ever stuck, one of the carers seems to know and will come to my rescue. I take my breakfast in my room and then when I am feeling ready to be social, I join my friends in the lounge for morning coffee.

There are quite a few activities organised for the residents and I particularly enjoy the art class which is held in the sun lounge. There are some gifted artists amongst us as demonstrated by the pictures and paintings decorating the walls. The sun lounge, which looks over the gardens, is a very special place at Sandiway Manor with loungers and rattan chairs – almost like being at a seaside hotel.

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We are all quite cheerful at lunch which is taken in the very attractive dining room. The menus are varied and the food is good even for those of us who can no longer eat what we used to – the chef is very inventive and always seems to come up with something to tempt me. A brisk walk around the gardens or even some light weeding does me good after lunch, weather permitting of course. Afternoon tea with cake sets me up before I settle down with one of the plentiful supply of audio books available – my eyes aren’t as good as they were so I like to catch up on the tomes I haven’t read or listen to those I have and enjoy them a second time.  

I prefer just a snack in the evening after which we discuss what we want to watch on TV – we take it in turns to choose. There is a magnificent fireplace in the lounge so it is very cosy in there in the evening. When I tire, I make my way to my room and get ready for bed. The carers are discreet but I have a buzzer to call them if I need to. I sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow and I sleep well – I think that is because I feel safe and secure and most importantly, cared for.”

Mr R Bellows
Sandiway Manor



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