Funding Options

As the Cheshire Residential Homes Trust is a small, private charity, one of its aims is to try and keep residential fees as low as possible – it’s “legacy of care” being of far greater importance than profit-making.

If help is needed to pay the fees, the prospective resident or a member of his/her family can request their local Social Services Department to conduct a financial assessment to determine that person’s entitlement to Government funding and any other benefits eg Attendance Allowance. This assessment does not involve the Home itself but the Manager of each Home will be happy to discuss all the options available.

Once it has been established the resident has met the criteria required as in need of residential care, there could be:
  • Full Social Services allowance
  • Social Services allowance with top-up payments or

More and more people are investing in Annuity Schemes to cover the costs of their residential care. CareAware is a public information, advisory and advocacy service specialising in elderly care funding advice in the UK. Because CareAware does not have any links to Social Services or Government Departments, it is able to provide information and guidance which is neutral and without external influence,

In accordance with Government legislation, anyone with assets amounting to over £23,000 will be self-funding.