Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my favourite chair with me?
Space permitting, residents are positively encouraged to furnish their rooms with their own chosen items of furniture and possessions as long as they display the red safety triangle label including pictures, cushions, ornaments and throws. We want you to feel content and comfortable in your own home from home.

Am I able to keep my own GP?
Yes, you can as long as your GP Practice is within the same area as the Home you have chosen. If you have moved from a different area, you will need to register with the local Doctor (who pops in frequently).

I like to have my hair done, is there a hairdresser nearby?
Each Home has it own hairdresser who visits on a regular basis – she will get to know you and your style in no time to make sure you always look your best.

Can I have a phone in my room?
Each room has a telephone socket so you can have your own phone and number. Obviously you will have to pay your own bills too!

Is there a TV in the room?
There is a large screen TV in the lounge of each Home but you can have your own in your room as well

Is there a chiropody service?
Yes, each Home uses the services of a local Chiropodist who visits regularly.

When can I have visitors?
Your family and friends can visit you whenever they like (although we would suggest avoiding mealtimes). You can entertain them in your room or in one of the lounges. Refreshments are always available for you to offer including freshly baked cakes most afternoons.

Can my visitors join me for lunch?
Yes, with a little notice and for a small charge, the kitchen staff would be delighted if your guests joined you for lunch. You can choose to have a separate table or join with the other residents.

I love gardening, will I be able to potter in the gardens at the Home?
Each of our Homes has a lovely garden and provided you are able, you would be more than welcome to share your knowledge and love of gardening at your new home.

Is it ok for me to go out for lunch/visits with my friends/family?
Of course it is! All we ask is that you let the Manager know what time to expect you back and preferably a contact telephone number just in case we need to get in touch.

Is there much to do at the Home?
There is an Activities Co-ordinator at each Home whose role is to provide activities/entertainments for those who like to participate. These can vary but for example there could be arts & crafts, bingo, chair exercises, reminiscence therapy and even knitting afternoons. Outings are often arranged for small groups to go to various places of interest. We love birthday parties and Christmas celebrations too. In house entertainments can range from musical sessions to book readings. Once we know what you like to do, the Co-ordinator will try to arrange something just for you.